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tv   U.S. House of Representatives  CSPAN  May 6, 2011 12:22pm-1:00pm EDT

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protect compared >> it is not safe down here. if it were, she would be willing to come down here and spend the night by herself. i guarantee none of them well. >> you all say the same thing, yet there is a total disconnect what the politicians. >> the argument is always a you are not a border county. the borders are more security -- secure than ever. that is a bounce -- a bunch of bull. it is not republican, democrat, liberal, conservative. it is the day-to-day life of every american. >> absolutely. if we did not get a handle on it, it will affect every citizen in our country. >> always at the front of my brain is what my handed off to my kids, what message do they have to clean up after we leave -- mask do not have to clean up after we leave?
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>> ladies and gentlemen, with us today is one of the good guys trying to do something about the border. he has been threatened by the cartels and undermined by government bureaucrats, yet day in and day out, he continues to put his life at risk to keep our country safe. please join me in thanking a real american hero, arizona paul.ff c [applause]
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>> sheriff, we are honored you are here with us today, then we look forward to hearing you tonight at the celebration of american values. at our southern border, government has failed and endangered us, just as government has failed and in danger to us from violent crime everywhere. they do not care. they care about sensational events that captured national attention and drive their attention, let columbine, virginia tech, fort hood, and tucson. the media waste no time in turning their ranged monsters into celebrities, even though that is the last thing the media should do. creates a mad man hero for every potential crazy copycat out there. it is sick, wrong, and the media
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in this country ought to be ashamed of themselves for doing it. [applause] >> what the media will not admit is that in each of those tragedies the mass killer, they all have the same decisive advantage -- government, gone- free loss, and anti self-defense laws that protect the safety of nobody except the killers, and condemned the victims to death without so much as a prayer. that is right. our own policies gave more protection to the killers than to the innocent. government gone free zones have become the hunting ground of evil, deranged monsters, but nbc and "the new york times" will not admit the truth. the media and the political elites want us to believe that if we pass another law or two we
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will all be safer, but it is a lie. if we could legislate evil out of people's hearts, we would have done it long ago. when they used tragedy for banning this fire arm, that magazine, or shut down lawful gun shows, it is a fraud. their laws do not work. their allies do not ring true. the only thing we know for certain is government has failed, with our money and our financial as the tensions, our post offices and our trains, in enforcing our immigration laws, our drug laws, and our laws against violent criminals with guns. they cannot even pass a budget, let alone keep an air traffic controller awake at night. [laughter] >> when it comes to protecting us from the mayhem of the
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violence mad man, government is an abject failure, worse by its lies, government policies are getting as killed, and making us prisoners in a society of violence. by the time i finish this speech, two americans will be slain. six women will be forcibly raped. 27 of us will be robbed, and 50 more are going to be beaten. more than 25,000 violent crimes are committed every week in this country. these are fbi statistics. during a typical week, 300 americans are murdered. 200 of us are killed by more than 27,000 drunk drivers.
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7800 of us are robbed. 15,000 of our neighbors are violently assaulted. 1700 american women and girls are raped. that is just one week. that is the harsh reality. that is the very real danger that we all get up and face every single day. but, the media, they do not care. every day victim's are not celebrities. they do not draw ratings, sponsors. the political elites, they do not care. every day victim's do not help drive their political agenda. every day dictums, murdered, beaten, robbed, and raped every single day are all too often commonly ignored, and way too
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quickly forgotten. the politicians and the media systematically deny enshroud the reality of just how dangerous daily life can be in this country, like this girl from a small, midwestern town, the victim of a brutal predator who was recently freed on parole. she was home in her apartment. she was ready to go out. she heard a knock on the door. she thought it was a friend. it was not. it was the beginning of four hours of hell. please watch. >> it is beyond terror. the knock on the door changed everything. he held me there for probably at least four hours, repeatedly raping me, torturing me, shooting me up with coke and math. i kept begging him, please tell me. he said i was not looking to do
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that, i wanted a i spoke to the original arresting officer and he told me he knew of nine prior women that this person had done this to and not one of them had the guts to say it in court. i sent letters to the parole board begging them don't let this person out. look at the history. the kind of crime he is going -- is not going to stop. these type of people don't have the abullet. they decided to let him out. did they tell you why? >> they decided to let him out because part of the response was you know, guys they've been in prison for a long time, they just kind of tend to want to go out and go about their lives and live the rest of their lives out quietly. >> quietly? >> my god. peace of mind >> what about your peace of mind?
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>> there is none. it's still with me every day. probably why i don't like christmastime because the trial started a week after christmas and to this day i hate it. i'm very afraid of death after this experience because i thought i was going to die and it's so horrifyingly terrible. >> what's your biggest fear? >> he's out there right now. and that's just -- that's wrong on every level. we don't deserve to have the right to walk amongst you. it's just a system that failed. >> government failed that woman. just like it failed joe. on a cold good morning this past february joe was on a new york subway headed to for work when he was attacked by deranged monster that had already killed four other innocent victims. joe, just an everyday guy, a
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dad, commuting to his job, who for no sane reason at all became the unsuspecting target of a slasher. please watch. >> i get on the train, first thing i wonder is this the car it happened in? i relive it every day i get on that train. he had no mercy, i'm not sure he had a soul. looks me right in the eye and takes out this big knife, holds it up and says you're going to die, you're going to die then he lunged at me. the flood blood coming out like a heartbeat and that's when the panic set in. you can see my skull on this wound you could see my triceps, he brought his arm back to get me again, that's when i made my move. i actually grabbed his hand and held it there and he dropped dropped the knife and i had an angel with me that day for sure. the police officer comes up to me with a mug shot and says is had the guy that did this to you? >> i said yeah.
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he said because he killed four people right now. i'm getting killed just reliving, thinking about that. i think his plan was for me to be another victim and my plan was to get off the train and see my family again. i thought i was lucky every time, from day they're born, now especially i realize how lucky i am, my life will never be the same. i don't handle myself well in crowds to begin with. now i can't even walk through a corridor, people bumping into me and stuff, every time they hit you it's like bam, bam, bam, simple things like not put things off because tomorrow is not guaranteed to anybody. i'm fortunate you're able to speak to me. he killed four people and their voices will never be heard. if i can be the voice of those people, i would love to just be face to face with him. >> gilman has had several run-ins with the law for drugs and graffiti. >> the criminal justice system fails with this, i lose faith in humanity. there's no doubt this guy did this.
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write him up. that's how i feel. >> government could not protect joe, just an ordinary guy getting up in our country and going to work. government failed him and colette, two americans just like any of us in this room this morning. a woman at home, a guy going to work. their violent reality is a reality that every american faces every single day. a reality this dallas woman never imagined until two weeks ago. please watch. >> when you see this video you'll know exactly why they decided to release this. this happened back on march 29 and police are saying there's got to be somebody who must have seen this. that's a woman being beaten, robbery detectives are saying that the public assistance is desperately need two suspects caught on the surveillance video attacking this woman before dragging her across the
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parking lot and stealing her purse. this is over a purse. and her -- i saw some pictures of her a short time ago, very, very injured woman. >> that woman is every one of us. she represents any of the daughters and wives in this room and throughout this country. it is sickening the way these predators in this country target women. cowards lurking out there in the shadows, in such of their next prey. there's only one real solution to such cowardice, a solution that would save lives and wyatt drastically cut violent crime. arm women. [applause]
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confront the cowardly predators. arm america's women. [applause] every american wife and mother and daughter, every law-abiding adult woman should be trained, armed, and encouraged to carry a firearm for personal protection. every elected official who cares about violent crime should hold a press conference tomorrow morning and announce full-throated support for the arming of american women. [applause] any politician in opposition who whines about another idiotic gun law proves to be just another elitist snob who doesn't give a damn about innocent victims. and doesn't care about reducing violent crime in this country.
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arm america's women. save them from the animals that roam our land picking them off one by one. empower the daughters and mothers and wives we all cherish to fight for their lives. political exploitation of tragedy is nothing but corruption. and their call for more gun control is a siren song of hypocrites. because the politicians don't really hate guns. they just hate ours. our guns. and our rights. for them, gun control means they control us. the elites care about their money, their banks, so they surround them with armed guards. american airports, office buildings, power plants, courthouses, even sports
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stadiums are all protected by armed security. even mayor bloomberg benefits from armed security. members of congress, guarded by the capitol police, armed. and the president, is protected by the armed secret service. celebrities and the wealthy, including members of the news media, are protected by armed guards. do we care less about our homes , our kids, and our schools? are they really less worthy of the full measure of armed protection? americans have had enough of government failure, and americans have had enough of government hypocrisy. it's time for change and i mean a real change. government can't protect us. but it can and it has endangered us by restricting
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our freedom to protect ourselves. it's time right here this morning to acknowledge what we all know in our hearts to be true, that the best way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. [applause] and the presence of a firearm in the hands of a good person makes us all safer. it's just that simple, and it's just that true. so no more. no more lies and laws and corruption and government failure. no more. at the scene of the crime there's only the criminal and the victim. the police, though well intentioned --, and they all
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know this despite all their best intentions, they always come later, and the victim is all too often forgotten. it's time the victims in this country got a fighting chance. every american deserves that. it is our right, it is our time to demand that members of congress honor that right and immediately enact national right to carry reciprocity all over this land. [applause] we're going to do it with your help, believe me. the second amendment to the u.s. constitution has never
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been more relevant than it is today. a well regulated misch, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. [applause] the founding fathers, they sure had it right from the beginning. our security is in our own hands. ensured by the bearing of arms in the hands of good people all across this country. the safety of our homes and our neighborhoods and of our kids' schools and of the people that we all love most is in our own hands. government has failed. as citizens, we have been abandoned. left alone to face personal
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danger that's out there every single day. while we may be alone, but we breathe the same free air of our founding fathers. empowered by the second amendment to live secure and to live free. our liberty in this country lives in the second amendment to the constitution. the fundamental right that separates us from all other nations on earth. that freedom makes america better than other countries. that freedom makes us stronger. the duty of our forefathers now rests with us to defend and preserve our freedom. and we must, each of us, must answer that call with all of our might.
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will we fight to preserve our liberty? they can't hear you yet at the white house. let me ask you again. will we fight to keep our nation strong and safe and free? crowd guest: yes! >> will we fight and previle against the enemies of freedom? let me hear you. crowd guest: yes! >> our promise to america is that there will always be a second amendment and that the second amendment will always be the people's first freedom. we will fight to defend that freedom. we will fight for the rights of all americans to live free. we will fight and we will prevail. we will prevail because we must.
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we will prevail because by god, we are the n.r.a.! thank you very much, and let's fight for freedom every single day! thank you. [applause] >> thank you. >> thank you, wayne. very very good. i neglected to mention that the report of the secretary has been printed and is also available at the entrance to the hall. with that and now the report of executive director of the n.r.a. institute of legislative action, chris w. scott -- chris
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cox. >> thank you, mr. president. good morning. [applause] before i begin i'd like to pause for a personal note. as you know, the last two decades have truly been an era of restoration of our second amendment freedom. wayne didn't know i was going to mention this today and i'm sure you're probably starting to feel uncomfortable and wondering where i'm going with it but for all his visionary leadership, dedication and toughness in fighting for our rights, i think we should take a moment to recognize that this weekend marks the 20th year of wayne laperriere's service as our n.r.a. executive vice president and chief executive officer. [applause] wayne would be the first to credit others but our success
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over the last two decades are in no small way a credit to wayne. under his leadership our membership has more than doubled, right to security laws have quadruples, hundreds of protection laws are on the books in all 50 states and all of those firearms manufacturers in this convention center are now protected from reckless lawsuits. some of you may recall that as a young federal lobbyist it was wayne who worked alongside jim mcclure and harold volkmer to make the firearms protection act the law of the land in 1986. if you watched him go toe to toe with the national news media i'm sure you'll agree the second amendment has never had a more formidable defender. [applause] >> absolutely. although swane a very public figure i have to tell you he's a pretty private guy but there is a side of him that most people never get to see, a big hearted man and a compassionate
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humanitarian. we always joked that we spend all our time protecting our rights and not enough time exercising our rights but i have to tell you he's a skilled outdoorsman and a great hunter. he's not the first public figure to find solace in the field. i think it's an outdoors where his spirit for the fight is renewed. wayne, i apologize for pulling this on you but i got to ask you to come back up one more time you mean a lot to all of us and as a good friend a lot to me personally. for all you've done for our cause and for your fellow man we congratulate you and thank you for your 20 years of devoted service as a leader of our organization. wayne, on behalf of the n.r.a. board of directors, our staff and the four million members nationwide and for all of us who appreciate all you've done, please accept this pair of connecticut shotguns in 12 and 20 gauge to commemorate this day. [applause]
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>> thank you very much. i am really honored and surprised. n.r.a. is about our membership and it's about giving voice to our membership in this fight for freedom. and i can't tell you what an honor and how proud i am to fight alongside all of you and the rest of our members for freedom every single day in this country. thank you very much. [applause] >> as the n.r.a.'s chief lobbyist there are certain
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skills you need when dealing with opponents, one is understanding the english language and what words mean. because in politics, everybody's always trying to change everything. you've seen it. liberal is out. now progressive is in. gun bans are out. now gun safety is in. even if it means no guns at all. the national coalition to ban handguns is now the coalition to stop gun violence. handgun control, incorppede is now the brady campaign. if they're not changing the words, they're definitely trying to change what they mean. i mean how else can you end up with a group that calls itself the american hunters and shooters association yet wants to ban the guns you need to hunt or shoot? that's the problem with all the renaming and redefining of words, it's hard to know what anybody is saying anymore. so let's revisit a few words today from my political dictionary.
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i'll start with one, not politically correct, but it's all too politically common. jackass. it means a stupid person or fool. and folks, it was not easy to pick an example to show you because so many people i deal with meet that definition. [laughter] but here's one. please watch. >> n.r.a. should change their name to the fascist lobby because that's what they are. you can applaud that. somebody should applaud that. [applause] i'm so tired of hearing about the second amendment and the constitution. if you love guns, just admit it like it's a vice. it's not good for you or anybody else, you just like it but stop the [beep] about the second amendment and the constitution and somebody also should tell all these people, these n.r.a. types who think it's great to be armed, these guys always think that it's great to have a gun because if some bad stuff goes down i'll
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able to stop the bad guy. this is your fantasy [beep]. you would never be able to do that. >> first of all, bill, that's not our fantasy. it's everybody gun owner's worst nightmare. but bad stuff does go down every day. and americans use guns 2.5 million times a year to protect themselves and their families. the truth is it often takes a good guy with a gun to stop a bad guy with a gun. and that's why rosie o'donnell and all the celebrity buddies have armed bodyguards. sorry, bill. we will never stop fighting for the second amendment or the constitution that also protects his first-amendment right to be a complete jackass. [applause] here's another one we see loot in the gun debate. hypocrite. that's a person who acts in contradiction to his or her
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stated beliefs. this is another long list but i picture picked the best example i could find, filmmaker spike lee. here is spike after the tragedy in tucson. >> so much discussion about discord in this country, the level of rhetoric and not saying that it was responsible for what happened but it adds to negativity in general. >> here's my take on this. i think that as filmmakers, as politicians, as artists we have to understand that whatever we do goes out in the universe and you should be aware of what you're doing and you cannot just say well, i just did this and i didn't have nothing to do with what happened. that's not the case. >> it's interesting how some people are so sensitive to rhetoric these days. but here's the deal. if it's rhetoric they disagree with, then it's too dangerous for the public to hear.
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when it's rhetoric coming out of their own mouths, well, now that's a different story. remember this? >> not long ago a very popular young director named spike lee ridiculed my work on behalf of the second amendment to the constitution. spike said i should be shot for my beliefs. i had a press conference -- at a press conference last spring, cannes festival, seized by a sudden attack of mouth, spike said i should be shot in the head. >> listen, spike. you called for hateful venom calling for the murder of an american icon, a husband, a father, a christian, and a civil rights hero who integrated the screen actors guild. it was charlton heston who opened up hollywood so african-americans like you could become millionaires. so don't lecture us about rhetoric. instead of running your mouth, why don't you just do the right
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thing and say thank you, mr. heston? [applause] another common character in the gun debate is the liars. the liar is someone who doesn't tell the truth. not by mistake but on purpose. and lies can have serious consequences. just look at u.s. supreme court justice sonia sotesote. during her senate confirmation hearings she said under oath that the second amendment is an individual right. it was settled law and beyond debate. yet less than a year later when she had a chance to prove it in the mcdonald case, she did just the opposite. some people warned me not to accuse a supreme court justice of lying. but what is she going to do? go back on her word and try to erase the second amendment from the constitution? too late. she already did.
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i may not agree with the president's supreme court picks, i know we don't agree on much, but words do matter. and ideas have consequences. some things are worth fighting for, even dying for. you know what i'm talking about or you wouldn't be here today. i'm talking about freedom. it's freedom that makes america the greatest country on earth. but look at our society. look at who people listen to. bill maher, spike lee? look who the media puts on a pedestal, lindsay lohan? charlie sheen? these people aren't winners. they're losers. [applause] but enough of the negative words in my political dictionary. let's look at a few of our positives. here's the next word, success. success is a favorable or
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desired outcome and you've achieved a lot of it. we have worker protection laws in 13 states, emergency power laws in 30 states, and statewide preems laws in 48 states and friends, there's nothing more important than your right to self-defense. thanks to you, right to carry is now a right restored in more than 40 states and counting. and last month, wyoming restored your right to carry without a permit. what that means is from vermont to alaska and arizona to wyoming, you don't need anyone's permission to protect yourself and that's the way it should be. [applause] i think it's morally reprehensible for any politician to say how, when, or where an honest person can defend themselves. it's your god-given right to defend yourself and that's a big reason why the castle
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doctrine is so important because the law should be on your side, not on the criminal's. 25 states have adopted it so far, and unfortunately, here in pennsylvania last year governor ed rendell vetoed it. but last fall's elections changed that so help is on the way and thanks to a new governor, tom core bit, the keystone state is about to become number 26. [applause] that's why elections matter and why the november elections were a success by any measure. thanks to freedom first voters like you, pro-second amendment candidates won hundreds of races all across the country at every level. and folks, election success can become a steppingstone for even more victories in the future. if you want proof, just look at the past. in 2000 you helped elect president bush, who appointed
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attorney general john ashcroft who changed the government's position by clearly stating in a letter to the national rifle association that the second amendment is our individual right. but that was just the beginning. in 2004, by keeping john kerry out of the white house, your votes put two new pro-freedom justices on the u.s. supreme court. add decades of your n.r.a.'s legislative victories, decades of n.r.a. scholarly work and decades of n.r.a. success in the legal arena and that, ladies and gentlemen, snowballed into our next word -- historic. historic means something has great and lasting importance. the recent heller and mcdonald decisions absolutely live up to that definition. folks, when it takes a country 200 years to recognize one of the freedoms in its bill of rights, that's historic. but they were historic but our freedom is not secure.
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because both of these cases were decided by a razor thin majority of just one vote. just one vote. it's just one justice -- if just one justice had voted the other way our right to keep and bear arms would be gone. but that's not the only danger we face. at the united nations freedom hating foreign governments are working to eliminate firearms ownership around the world and right here at home. you've seen it on our southern border. narcoterrorist violence is being exploited, corrupt government officials and gun ban groups are using mexico's problems as an excuse to ban


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